Angry Pigs

Pop that pig again and again, because they’ll keep coming back!

Angry Pigs is a simple first person shooter, where you try to get rid of as many hungry pigs as possible. The pigs will eat your crops and ravage your garden, so make sure to aim and shoot on site.

But beware! The more you shoot, the more you will make them angry.

Angry Pigs Shooter - Revolver Gaming


Angry Pigs

Fight for your life and defend your precious crops in this action-packed shooter. Uncle Frank went to visit his daughter in the city for the weekend. He accidentally forgot to feed his pigs. Pigs are hungry and are now running around the farm eating everything they find.

Help uncle Frank keep his crops by shooting piggies back to the barn. When you shoot a piggy, it returns to the barn, but be fast, there’s hundreds of them coming back to eat your precious crops. Watch out because they bite too. Keep away from those angry ones 🙂 You got three lives to begin with! Each piggy bite you lose a life. To restore life you can eat a donut. To eat it, just pick it up and place it in front of your mouth to eat. If you’re a beginner you might want to choose a difficulty level 1 where pigs are a bit slower and you have unlimited bullets.

Try Angry Pigs and save Uncle Frank’s farm.