Graphic design

Graphic design goes hand-in-hand with a good first impression. Humans are visual beings and first impressions are important. Let your first impression be unforgettable and visually unique.


Despite how good your product is or how interesting your content is, people will judge it with their eyes first.

People are visual beings and first impressions are always important. At Revolver Agency we design your company image that you will stand out. We’ll create an image for you that will always create curiosity and desire to contact you.

Great design has a positive effect on your reputation and strengthens customers’ trust in you, your product and your work. Whether you need a new corporate identity, a social media post or a print media ad, Revolver Agency makes sure you make a long-lasting impression.

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Graphic design encompasses a wide range of services. At Revolver Agency, we offer unique and creative solutions according to your wishes ranging from designing custom logo, corporate identity design, bruchure design, yearbook design, designing leaflet and bussiness card design, banner design, billboard design and design of other printed materials, photo retouch, designing facebook, instagram and google ads and other digital content.



Good design is timeless, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t need to be refreshed from time to time. With thoughtful minimal variations of your existing graphic identity, you can always keep your corporate identity fresh, modern and up to date. Whether you want a complete makeover, a revitalization of an existing graphic identity or just expand your set of graphic content, we at Revolver Agency take care of everything, from brief, design conceptualization, vizual exploration, design building to refining and final design that represents you in the best way.

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Why work with us?

Great design is never made overnight. The goal of good design is effective graphic visualization of the content and its message. To achieve this, it is necessary to think carefully about each element and determine its purpose in the final design. This requires careful consideration of all the design’s components that will build a final design. A picture says more than 1000 words and at Revolver Agency we never run out of words when visually communicating your story.

You are our partner.

Great design is in the eye of the beholder. Design is not an exact science and poses a challenge to please desired audiences. At Revolver Agency, when coming up with a graphic concept, we do a deep research, listen to your wishes and take into account your style. We put everything together and merge it into a great design. We actively involve you in the process and at the same time, we advise you on various trends and their effect on sales. At Revolver Agency, we make sure you will stand out with great graphic design.



Your graphic identity (logo, business card, flyer, advertisement, corporate identity) is a reflection of you and your company. That’s why it’s important to present yourself in the best possible way. At Revolver Agency, we help you turn your general design into effective tools for sales, promotion, and building good relationships with your customers and business partners.

First step in designing is to get to know you and your company well. This way, we ensure that we prepare a solution tailored just for you that meets both your needs and your wishes. Second step is establishing what you want to communicate and, above all, to whom. In business, the principle is that it is necessary to “know your customers better than they know themselves.” To get to know your customers better, we do market research and check what your competitors are doing so that you are always one step ahead of them.

In the next step we prepare a draft of the finished product, update it, based on your comments and take care of the final implementation.

Project phases

We review your existing graphic identity, determine how to best visualize your message, prepare and develop the conceptual design, advise you on the best implementation options, implement the preview, implement revision changes and finalize of a graphic solution.

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