SeniorGuide Publication


Zdravstveni dom Slovenj Gradec and Zdravstveni dom Trebnje are the first publishers of the Senior Guide publication, which is intended for elderly people to facilitate their inclusion in active aging.


We are part of a project group that is developing and designing a Cross-border initiative for the e-inclusion of seniors (age 55+) in active aging. The main project of the initiative is the preparation of publications (like Senior Guide) to help seniors, adult children 55+ who take care of parents 75+ and other people who take care of the elderly in accessing important information. As part of the initiative, we created the publication SeniorGuide: e-inclusion in active aging for Slovenj Gradec Health Center and Trebnje Health Center, in which all information about organizations and their activities that provide services to seniors is collected for easier access.

The Ministry of Labour, Family, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities received the initiative of dr. Jože Gričar, professor emeritus of the University of Maribor, for expanding the publishing of the SeniorGuide publication in all Slovenian municipalities. SeniorGuide, which represents an important milestone in the e-inclusion of seniors in active aging, facilitates the acquisition of information from reliable sources for all seniors, their adult children and everyone who helps seniors in Slovenia.

As part of the pilot project, we designed the digital and printed publication SeniorGuide. SeniorGuide publication includes presentations of the activities of all organizations and participants that help the elderly with e-inclusion in active aging. SeniorGuide publication is designed as a real senior guide, as it offers the reader direction to the desired information and thus easier access to the data he needs.

SeniorGuide concept is set to help any publisher, to create a publication based on their prepared content, in which, in addition to descriptions of organizations and their activities, all the various contact information is collected, with the help of which seniors can access the desired services. We designed the publication with the elderly in mind: when preparing the graphic template, we paid special attention to the transparency of the content and clearly presented data.

More information on initiative:
- Central European Seniors 55+ eServices Guide For the adult children 55+ taking care of parents 75+
- Developing the Silver Economy and Related Government Resources for Seniors. A Position Paper.
Predstavitev publikacije Kažipot - Agencija Revolver



The publication SeniorGuide for seniors includes all the necessary information for contacting organizations that provide services for seniors. For a greater overview, we have collected all the participating organizations with their contact information in one place. With this, SeniroGuide performs the function of a directory of important contacts.

Publikacija Kažipot za seniorje - pregled sodelujočih organizacij
Publikacija Kažipot za seniorje - prostor za opombe


Although the publication SeniroGuide is available in both digital and printed form, we have added a My Notes section to the publication itself. My notes contain blank lined pages on which seniors can put down whatever notes they want. However, if they want to jot down important information related to a specific organization, we have prepared a layout for this purpose that allows notes to be written on the left or right edge of the content.


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