Webshop design and eCommerce development

Give your customers an unforgettable shopping experience that will keep them coming back for more. Maximize your sales potential with a new eCommerce website.


The web is a sales channel with its own set of rules.

eCommerce webshop development and design are important! The web has become a sales channel where a different set of rules apply than we are used to from brick and mortar shops and shopping malls. There is a huge number of providers competing with each other for the attention of potential buyers. The best online stores are the ones that successfully address potential customers and offer them a pleasant user and shopping experience. At Revolver Agency, we create sales driven online stores.



In a multitude of different services and products providers, it is important to stand out and offer your customers what they actually want. At Revolver Agency, we help you find out who your potential customers are and what their needs are. After that,we create an eCommerce website that most effectively addresses these customers’ needs.

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The web has become a new sales channel that has many advantages over the classic brick and mortar shop. Setting up a quality online shop requires a wide range of skills. At Revolver Agency, we offer comprehensive support with the design, implementation, maintenance and optimization of online shops. Our advantage is that we offer you everything in one place. At Revolver Agency, we don’t just take care of running an online shop. We also carry out a marketing campaign for you, which will bring your online shop even closer to potential customers. Additionally, we can arrange for translation into foreign languages, take photos of your products and create your presentation video.

You are our partner.

At Revolver Agency, we understand your business needs. We actively involve you in all phases of the creation of your new eCommerce website. Our online shops therefore offer good after-sales activities that enable various ways of communicating with existing customers (eg. subscribing to newsletters, notifying customers about special promotions, the possibility of issuing loyalty cards, sending out personalized emails on special occasions such as a birthday etc.). With the help of a simple editor, you will be able to create and manage all the content yourself, thus saving valuable time and money down the line.


Webshop design

Before we start working on your new eCommerce webshop, we will thoroughly study your needs and wishes with you. At Revolver Agency, we help you find out who your potential customers are, what are they interested in, where they stay, what are their needs and how to convince them to make a purchase. Together with you, we choose the methods to direct potential customers to your online shop, make sure that they stay there for as long as possible, and transform them into actual customers. Depending on your needs, we determine the information architecture and ergonomics of the online shop, determine its name, perform domain registration for the shop and arrange its hosting on our servers.

Project phases

Case study, conceptual design, wireframe creation, graphic concept, selection of content, advice on the best implementation options and meaningful use of technologies, implementation of the final product preview, implementation of corrections, launching an eCommerce webshop, user-training, long-lasting support.

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