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We are a proffesional website design company, creating bold and innovative solutions that are completely tailored for you. Websites created by our team of experts, are fresh, pixelperfect, minimalist and intuitive for optimal UX.


The best websites not only look good, but are also very useful.

Our webiste design is made responsive, user experience is enhanced and adapted for both large screens and mobile devices (responsive design), and are supported by a friendly and clean easy to use content editor.

Present yourself in the best possible way with a new website – made by Revolver.



Whether you want a great online presence with fast and attractive website for your company, start an online store or increase online sales, generate qualified leads we can help you achieve those goals.


Websites are living organisms that need to be taken care of. Good websites positively raise your business’ reputation, attract visitors, and have the ability to convert visitors into customers. Up-to-date information, new content, adherence to graphic trends, proper display on all mobile devices and a superior user experience are the characteristics of a good website. If you’ve thought of any feature that you could improve on, then it’s time for a new website.

Whether you want a small retouch of your existing website, a complete makeover or a completely new first website, here at Revolver we are happy to listen to your wishes and help make them come true.

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Creating a website is a large-scale project that requires special attention, as the end result affects your reputation and visibility online. Website design connects different components – from content and design to technical execution itself. This signifies a great deal of responsibility. That’s why we’re here.

You are our partner.

We achieve the best results when we join forces. That is why we at Revolver treat you as our business partner, with whom we work closely in all phases of our joint project. You are actively involved in the development process, as we want to hear your opinions and suggestions. This way, we create a unique website with a modern and sophisticated design, supported by a friendly content editor.



At Revolver, we strive to ensure that website development is fast and goes smoothly. To achieve this, good communication between us and the client, a clear idea and a well-defined scope of work are crucial.

Before we start work on our project, we will thoroughly study your needs and wishes with you, because we want to create a website that will fully meet your expectations. Based on this, we will set the goals of the website and the way to achieve them. In the next step, we determine the content, information architecture and ergonomics of the website, which we support with a technologically advanced solution. We also determine the name of the website, perform domain registration and arrange hosting on our servers.

Project phases

Our work together begins with an examination of your case and your business. We then prepare a conceptual design, followed by the production of a wireframe and the production of a graphic concept. In the next phase, we choose the content together. At Revolver, we also advise you on the best options for implementation and use of various technologies.

When the project is nearing completion, we make sure to present to you a preview and make the necessary corrections. In the last phase, we take care of the website’s launch, give you a website-editing training, and offer comprehensive support throughout.

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